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If our company has the honor to become your company's supplier to provide services for your company, we will be committed to the services higher than the follows:
1.1 Strictly control quality based on quality assurance system, to ensure each batch of qualified products.
1.2 If any problem in the supply process, no matter what the reason is, as long as it is the quality problem of our products, after receiving your notice, our company will sent relevant personnel to the site within 24 hours to be responsible for processing; if it is because of manufacturing reasons, we will replace within 3 to 5 days.
1.3 If there is any quality problem of the products provided by our company during the warranty period, we will provide unconditional free repair or replacement; if there is any cable tray damage caused by significant cable bridge design or manufacturing defects beyond the quality assurance period but within the product life cycle, our company will repair or replace free of charge.
1.4 If there is any shortage of accessories found in the installation process, our company will delivery to the site within 24 hours after receiving the notice.
1.5 We guarantee that the equipment provided is brand new, unused, and in full compliance with the quality, specifications and performance requirements of the contract, and commit to sending technical staff to guide the equipment installation for free.
1.6 After-sales Service Department established "after-sales service tracking information" (namely the "user file"), recording the equipment delivery time, equipment usage, your contact and after-sales service records, for regular tracking and return visit.
1.7 After the completion of each after-sales service, please fill in your "After-sales Service Feedback" for us to prepare the "After-sales Service Report".
2. Service Commitment
Our company makes the following commitments:
2.1 Provide all the technical information and drawings to the demand side in time in accordance with the contract. It is our obliged to invite the demand side to participate in the technical design review of the supplier side if necessary.
2.2 Go to the site for technical services as demand side requires, guiding the demand side to install and commission according to the technical information and drawing requirements of the supplier side.
2.3 For the support equipment purchased by the demand side and related to the contract equipment, the supplier side will take the initiative to provide the technical conditions and information that meet the interface requirements of equipment.
2.4 Strictly implement the meeting minutes or agreement signed by supply and demand sides.
2.5 Strengthen the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service, and implement the "24-hour service", "advanced services", "the whole process service" and "life-long service" throughout the product manufacturing, installation, commissioning and repair.
2.6 After receiving the quality feedback from the demand side, we will response within 24 hours or send service personnel to the site as soon as possible, making sure the service does not stop without user’s satisfaction on the quality, and the technical staff will arrive at the site within 8 hours.
2.7 In any case, we will not make any trouble on the demand side for any reason.

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