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Corporate vision:
Become a world-class manufacturer and service company.
Corporate mission:
To create high-quality electrical products for customers, and provide green energy for human.
Corporate purposes:
Customer first, quality assurance, and comprehensive service
Enterprise spirit:
Sustainable innovation, morality cultivating and business promotion
Corporate work:
Keep promise, self-improvement, and pursuit of excellence
Core values:
Customer: win-win cooperation
Team: unity and hard work for a bright future
Rules: system is greater than everything
Responsibility: responsible for self, responsible for the company (business), and responsible for the community
Thanksgiving: be grateful, heart to heart
Standard: maintain the best condition, and always set first-class as the goal
Core concepts:
Survival concept: adapt to the society, prosperity forever
Entrepreneurial concept: hardships make you stronger
Development concept: unity, progressive, pragmatic and innovative
Business philosophy: customers first, profits second
Sales concept: begin with customer needs, and end with customer satisfaction
Service concept: customer-centric, to serve attentively
Brand concept: brand creates value, value creates wealth
Work concept: making the ordinary things extra ordinary is extraordinary
Employment concept: the competent takes position, the ordinary gives way, and the incapable leaves, taking the performance as a standard, and taking the stand as the fundamental
Salary concept: only to create value, the value can be enjoyed
Promotion concept: promotion is only made by creating values (how much ability you have, how big the stage will be given)
Employee image:
Having dreams, morality, culture and discipline
Employee oath:
I am a glorious Yongxing people. I will be loyal to the company, comply with the rules, dedicated to my job, pursue for excellence. I would like to contribute all my wisdom and strength for “sustainable innovation, morality cultivating and business promotion”.
Ten rules of company:
1. Standpoint first, undertaking first;
2. Absolute obedience, no excuses;
3. Good at cooperation, with absolute sincerity;
4. Take imitative and spontaneous to go all out;
5. To be No. 1 always, and pursue for excellence;
6. Take responsibility, with due diligence;
7. Continue learning, for self-improvement;
8. Fine management, keep improving;
9. Emphasis on effectiveness, let performance speak;
10. Promote upright, be fair in reward and punishment.

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