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Corporate Vision:

Continuously build an influential brand in the industry

Our Mission:

Carry forward the national spirit and create fine products of the times

Corporate Purposes:

Customer first, quality first

Enterprise Spirit:

Sustainable innovation, cultivating morality and prospering business

Core Value:

Customer: Jurong coexist and win-win cooperation

Team: unite and forge ahead, create brilliance together

Rules: system is more than everything

Responsibility: Responsible to yourself, to the company, and to society

Gratitude: Be grateful, change heart

Core Idea :

Survival philosophy: adapt to society, retreat if you don’t advance

Entrepreneurship philosophy: honesty and trustworthiness externally, people-oriented internally

Development concept: unity and pragmatic, efficient and innovative

Business philosophy: customer first, honesty

Sales philosophy: starting from customer needs, and finally customer satisfaction

Service concept: make products with heart, and make service with heart

Brand Concept: Brand Achieves Value, Value Gathers into Wealth

Work philosophy: do ordinary things to the extreme

Employment concept: morality as the most important, both ability and political integrity

Promotion concept: the company gives the stage, and the individual creates value

Employee Oath:

I am a glorious person from Yongxing. I will be loyal to the enterprise, obey the rules and disciplines, love my work and work, and pursue excellence. I am willing to contribute all my wisdom and strength to "sustainable innovation, moral development and prosperity".

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