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My hometown called Yangzhong, a very beautiful town of Jiangnan.
In April, the grass long warbler spring bloom, it is the most beautiful time in the year when the South, and do not say that wheat seedlings and Ziyunying (also known as safflower), farmers in the courtyard in full bloom peach is charming, Tree, is a purple Tong Yun, pieces of peach, purple in the white in the veneer, just as the girl's face, blowing that is broken, gusts blowing, is really Fallen Montreal full of fragrance.
Above are the beauty of my hometown spring, but in my heart, they are less than the beauty of rape, but can not replace the rape in my heart position.
Every year before and after the Ching Ming, is rape in full bloom season.
Jingzhu after a few spring rain, so dormant a winter rape to stand, into the Qingming before and after, as if overnight, large tracts of rape will indulge in blooming, then, when the rural land, in addition to green, Is the next day to the rape, golden flowers, wheat and two, both sides of the river port, inside and outside the river embankment, where there is free to have rape in full bloom, very spectacular. That pure yellow, no special aroma, but let people enchanted, standing in this golden ocean in the relaxed and happy, a time the whole person has become pure up, my heart in addition to this pure golden no other trace of distractions.
3, April Jiangnan is so beautiful, or more than a thousand years ago, poetry cents will not write "the ancient West Yellow Crane Tower, fireworks in March under the Yangzhou" sentence. The blessing of heaven, put my hometown in the Yangtze River - Yangzhong that "Yangtze River in the" meaning, meaning an island in the Yangtze River. Because of this, my hometown surrounded by water, the real "Castle Peak North North, white water around the East Side", in front of Cangshan green Dai house after the river gurgling, this time the sky is also exceptionally blue, encounter sunny days, Thousands of miles blue sky, such as washing, clean sky golden earth side by side, how wonderful magic brush, how gorgeous rhetoric can not describe, can not describe this beautiful scenery.
Every time I talk about the flowers of the Holy Land, the people only know Jiangxi Wuyuan, Yunnan Yunyang terraced fields, in fact, more recently in Jiangsu there are many good places to watch rape, such as my hometown Yangzhong.
bring it on! My friends, welcome you to Yangzhong, welcome you to my hometown.

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